multi+ complete | 120 tabs


Genuine Health
  • High potency, complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.
  • Supports & maintains health.
  • Helps prevent illness.
  • Contains 50mg each of all the B vitamins.
  • Easy-to-assimilate tablet.


multi+ completeTM is a unique food-based high-potency multi-vitamin/mineral in an easy-to-assimilate tablet. Depending on your health needs, this super-charged multi can provide all of your daily vitamin and mineral requirements, including:

  • 50mg of each of the B vitamins
  • 400IU of Vitamins D & E
  • 500mg of Calcium & Vitamin C
  • …as well as other essential minerals

Designed for those seeking extra health insurance from one convenient source,multi+complete provides a superior solution!

Multi-vitamin/mineral formulas are the most frequently consumed supplement in North America and are consumed by about 25 to 30% of the population. This is necessary in today’s world as fruits and vegetable contain fewer nutrients. In fact, over the last 50 years, their vitamin and mineral content has significantly decreased due to over-processing and mineral depletion of the soil.

For example:

  • Most broccoli grown today contains 62% less Calcium
  • Potatoes have lost almost all of their Vitamin A
  • Apples contain nearly half the amount of Iron as before

With statistics like this, there’s no question that a multi-vitamin/mineral supplement such asmulti+complete makes healthy sense!

Why take multi+ complete?

Essential vitamins and minerals like those found in multi+complete help keep your body functioning at its best, including:

  • Proper functioning of the immune system
  • Production of essential digestive enzymes
  • Antioxidants for free radical protection and anti-aging support
  • Efficient, well-functioning metabolism
  • Healthy hair, skin and nails

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